New arrival from the benefit auction

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)June 13, 2013

I won a hosta in the latest Hosta Library benefit auction, which arrived yesterday with TWO gift plants. All three are looking mighty chipper after standing in water overnight. It was too blasted hot for me to do any potting up yesterday afternoon.

The won item is H. 'Derriere' which will be limited in distribution, maybe to conventions or auctions such as the latest benefit.

First picture shows it with the two gift hosta which will grow to be medium or small....Ice Cream, Heart And Soul... both very healthy and none the worse for the trials of shipping from Minnesota.

They will all be potted. As a nod to the name of 'Derriere' there are special pot feet on order, and as soon as they arrive, I'll update the photo for Derriere.

So you won't be too surprised, here is the photo from the Arizona Pottery website of the special feet.

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idiothe(4 MN)

Well, I'm glad you are happy. I, for one, have to question the good judgement of anyone who would name a hosta 'Derriere.'

Although... those rounded puffed green leaves do kind of remind one of Cupid's other end...

I see from the 2012 Hosta Registration book that Derrieres tend to start out as neat round mounds but spread with age...

Love the plant feet, although they are a little risque for my modest tastes...

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Hey, you know I love pot feet. Great looking hosta.


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TJ, that is what my DH said too.....he keeps threatening to send me to Miss Choate's Finishing School up in Massachusetts.

Hope I did not offend anyone, or break any rules at GWeb.

YEs, the description of Derriere on the auction described it as spreading with age.

If I ever give tours of my garden (don't I wish), this hosta requires positioning near the exit, THE END. Just like at the entry must be seen H. 'Stargate.' Entering another world.

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idiothe(4 MN)

Before I let the joke go too far... I'm the guy who named it Derriere! I wasn't sure if MocassinL knew what my Gardenweb name is, so I thought I'd goof a little.

My comment is still true - I really question my own judgment. (And for several years I've been self-employed and I don't know how long I'll be able to keep working for that SOB...)

There is actually a story to go with the name. I chose it for a plant to put in a chamber pot for a container entry at the 2010 AHS convention. Last year I decided to register it and to use it to raise money for good causes - like Mocassin's generous contribution to the BADITC auction.

When I sent in the registration, I was startled to get back a request for more information and a defense of the name. The naming committee wondered if it didn't violate the offensive language clause in the naming conventions.

I returned a three part email.

Part 1... an explanation of the choice... the chamber pot... the rounded little cherub-cheek leaves... and a number of references explaining how the word derriere is used in the style manuals for many print and broadcast sources as the best word to use when one must refer to the human posterior. This explanation was all quite rational and convincing according to some who have read it.

Part 2 My rant. Seriously. I resent having to do this. You are questioning the propriety of Derriere?! Are you the same people who approved Bridegroom? How about Striptease G-string Kiwi Full Monty Risky Business Hanky Panky Gypsy Rose??? For goodness sake - you approved 'Little Stiffy'!!! I can't believe I have to defend my little derriere.

Part 3 I told them I changed my mind and sincerely hoped they would deny the name. Though I hadn't intended to market Derriere, I would now be able to sell it as the First Banned Hosta and I would finally actually make some money on a hosta! Please... vote to ban the name!

Two days later I got the notice the committee voted - unanimously - to approve 'Derriere'

(BTW - it actually wouldn't have been the first banned name. Though they approve some pretty unpleasant names... 'A B-1 Bomber' ??? - they did reject "Double D-Cup"... I think from Ed Elslager... I don't know what others... maybe Warren Pollock will do a story about banned hosta names...)

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HA HA Good one, Jim!

Don B.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

Ok Jim, had read your story about Derriere on Hallson's forum, now I can associate you with your GW handle.

Double D Cup is a Stuart Asch hosta by the way.

Moc, you were the perfect person to win Derriere on the auction!


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idiothe(4 MN)

thanks... Stuart Asch... that's right...

If I were him, I'd be using names like Cinder and Glowing Ember and Still Warm...

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

So many jokes possible on this subject I am just going to avoid them !

For those of you that have watched the British show Keeping Up Appearances, I am reminded how the main character insists her last name BUCKET, is French and pronounced Bouquet !

So possibly instead of being pronounced "Dairy Air"
its really "Dairy Eh"


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Well, IdiotHe has written a post I intend to keep as part of the record for little Derriere. Only it is not so little, is it. The choice of derriere for the body part is perfectly respectable, and since it is French, it also sounds sophisticated.

Now I can connect your real name to the screen name, and to ummmmm.....THE END. :)

Je suis tres heureux a recivir les trois hosta, monsieur...

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Gesila, thanks, I thought I would give it a good home too. Once it is outfitted with its striking pot feet, we'll see who among my visiting friends spots the joke.

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Jon 6a SE MA

That's a very pricey hosta. I just read where JLO insured her Derriere for $300 million.

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Oh my. Well, Betty Grable insured her legs for $1 million way back when. I guess with JLo's Derriere, you have a lot of inflation. ??maybe??

Me, I don't think I need to insure my Derriere.

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chris-e(7 MD)

It's good to see you back!

And I also think the perfect person got that plant. (wink)


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Love the pot feet Moc and with the pot in a potty chair all I can say is no one can live without a Derriere. And may your derriere grow and grow BIG,,, na na nah

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Babka NorCal 9b

jgh (aka idiothe)- You have provided me with so much enjoyment over these last bunch of years. Your travel sagas at the Hallson Gardens forums, as well as here, ALWAYS brighten my day. Regards to Iidiotshe. Hope all is well with your Derriere.


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Ah what a thread! I'm marking it to read these posts to my DH in the morning. He will get as big a kick out of it as I am. This little hosta is a good will ambassador, for the friendship plant. I think that sums up what is happening. Sure am pleased this Derriere is mine to keep, even when it gets a mature spread.

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idiothe(4 MN)

You'll have to be firm with your garden guests. Once they spot that cute little plant with the great plant feet... they'll all want to touch your Derriere.

Garden folks are nice - but there are limits!

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Great thread....Laughed my Derriere off! Love those pot feet cute LOL


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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Moc, I don't have a lovely Derriere like yours but I do have Ice Cream and I like it a lot.

BTW Jim, "Asch" with the "c" in German means the human derriere but "Asche" with the "e" does mean ashes. I'm a retired language teacher, so I couldn't resist.

Here's Ice Cream. I think it's rhizomatous. It's been a good grower for me (year 2). Moc, it should please your heart and soul (groan!)

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Irawon, pleased to have another "word" person to bat meanings back and forth!

I have Stuart Asch's Stiff Upper Lip......another body part reference, but acceptable in polite circles.

Thanks for the picture of your Ice Cream. It is a low spreading medium hosta, right? I can always go for such a neat plant. With Heart And Soul, I have several other "heart" types....which are what I call small...or they are so far anyway.
Heartache (medium), Dear Heart, Happy Hearts, Cheatin Heart, Glass Heart, and soon will have Faithful Heart. So Heart And Soul is a welcome addition.

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Great thread, made me laugh! Somewhere out in my garden I have a H. Outhouse Delight. Some one a while back (Jim?) said they planted an OD in a Chamber Pot. I couldn't find one and I couldn't think of a better idea, so my H. Outhouse delight (if it is still alive)is out there somewhere. I have a hard time getting out in my garden (Arhritis and my garden on an old rock quarry) but I have to have H. Derriere, it makes perfect sense!!!!

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Moc, I think Ice Cream remains a small hosta in respect to height. Your heart collection sounds cool. My Cheatin Heart is part of my "naughty collection with a moral" to go with Strip Tease, Hanky Panky, Illicit Affair, Heart Broken etc.

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Rosie, so glad you are enjoying the fun. Be careful in your mountainside rock quarry garden. Glad you are joining in. I have a friend in Silverton OR.

Watch out for water hoses on the garden path.

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