Big Brother took Orthonex off the market

sassy7142(z5 OHIO)June 17, 2009

I got online to order more Orthonex for next months spraying and learned that they took it off the market.

Another example of Big Brother keeping me safe from myself. recommends using Ortho Rose Pride or Bayer 3 & 1 Control instead.

I called the Ortho Co. and they recommend using their Ortho Max Flower, Fruit & Insect Spray.

Ahhh, what would we do with Big Brother

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ah, poison ourselves?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what in the world do you need insecticides for on hosta???


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sassy7142(z5 OHIO)

Meant to say WITHOUT Big Brother.

Hope Davemidohio sees this. I want to know which product
he plans to use now.

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ladywindsurfer(Z7 SE)

The Clinton legacy? lives on!
The same crowd that decreed a phytosanitary inspection and certificate for importation of seed! Plus an Import Permit!

What is Orthonex? I don't use any of those chemicals.

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sassy7142(z5 OHIO)

Ken, last fall, Thur. Sept 4, 2008, to be exact, you lead a long thread titled "Bayer Systemic"

That thread started a long discussion and "Dave" (davemidohio) reported having great luck with Orthonex used on his hosta for his nematode problem.

Since I've tried everything else under the sun, I bought some Orthonex online and used it last fall.

This past spring I bought some more at Home Depo and used the last bottle yesterday.

Today I learned that it had been taken off the market.

I ordered 30# of "Merit Granules" online. They should be coming soon.

I have determination, you gotta give me that. LOL

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I hope you don't have dogs or little kids. That stuff can cause some serious health problems. Usually I'm very wary of Big Brother, but IMHO this is one of the rare times that he could be right.


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