use Antibacterial Dishsoap on a lawn?????

brendiJuly 26, 2007

I'd like to know if it's safe to use Antibacterial Dishsoap on a lawn for surfactant purposes or not, and if not, why. Thanks.


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No, but I can't tell you why.
I've just always read in just about every recipe to not use antibacterial.
Anyway, regular dish soap is pretty cheap and why chance it?

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The best liquid soap for surfactant purposes is baby shampoo. Do not use soaps with degreasers and antibacterial additives. They will burn and kill foliage.

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I have this 3 foot high section of chain link fence right next to the patio and hose bib. I frequently hang lots of stuff over that piece of fence and squirting it with a squirt bottle of soapy dishwashing soap. Then I can just hose it off well while its hanging there and leave it there to dry too. Not an everyday thing, but quite often.

See just the opposite of damage. Benefits. Weedilia, St Augustine lawn, Spider plants, ferns... probably more things than I know the names of right around there all benefit from me washing everything from paint brushes to auto shop rags right along that fenced area. That blue name brand antibacterial soap with amonia that I'm too lazy to go look at the name right now. Washing White house paint off brushes kind of tinted things for a while but didnt hurt them.

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