SVB Larva Surgical Removal

Angelicisi(8)July 6, 2012

So they got me. The evil grub of the Squash Vine Borer. I was fighting like mad to rid the gardens of them and lost a few plants in the process. Then I read up on surgically slicing open the plants and killin the beegeebees outta those nasty grubs, and re-burying the wounded plant. So I mounded 3x2 mounds of quality soil around the base of the 6 plants, after removing close to 20 grubs from all over of all diff sizes. I did not know what the adult looked like! I bought a hand held raquet bug zapper for them now that this site showed me what the adults look like. No pesticides used in any garden here so its full on combat thru summer and dang it I WANT my pumpkin plants so I'm fightin for them! I watered the gardens VERY well for a week, I have sliced the vines open 2 days ago and slaughtered about 15 grubs. I buried the wounds and watered VERY well. Went out this morning and found fresh bright orange grub chew so I pruned all infected leaves and slaughtered another 4 or so grubs and pulled the super infested plant out. Killed a few adults :-) searching for eggs. Now I am fighting any I missed (I go out everyday) and the numbers are dropping and the plants have done awesome so far...still has not been long enough to tell but I'll post pics as I got if I can! Brand new at this, just wanted to share my exp w/these nasty buggers if I am successful or not!

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The pumkins and acorn squash ( mid left & low cntr of pic) were both infected. But all have had serious surgery with small sharp blades and are all doing well so 2 since major prune and slice n dice.

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They infected the leaves of the plants also. The hollow vine system allows a whole access to the plants parts for the grubs. I'll get more pics of up close shots tomorrow after the rain. Yay! Rains here finally!

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