iris borer, what to do with soil

lotodig(z6Mid Tenn)May 20, 2010

I have dug up and disposed of a large clump of older Irises and of course when I did I found signs of Iris Bores.

here's my question, what do I need to do to the SOIL where the irises were planted that would make it safe to replant more Irises? I read here on this forum to pour dishwater on the spot but I don't understand what is in dishwater (beside soap)that may be effective or why not just mix up big buckets of soapy water and use that for treatment?

This fall I intend to use the blowtorch treatment and next spring I will use Merit earlier. I used it this spring but I must have waited too long for it to be effective

Thanks for any information

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lotodig(z6Mid Tenn)

I'll make a post so that this post will drop down.

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I would really love an answer to this, as I'm in exactly the same situation. Can anyone out there help?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what does the soil have to do with the bug???

would not you just treat for the bug at the appropriate time of year?


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Never heard of treating the soil? But I'm a newbie. My mom always just lifted the plant, squished the borer, dipped the corm in sulfer powder and replanted.
Her Iris are stunning!

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