When to begin planting?

JBugsJanuary 16, 2014

I am an amateur gardener in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I'm starting to get catalogs from companies who sell plant bulbs, small potted plants and etc.
Isn't it too early to start planting? PLEASE don't say it depends on the type of plant (though I'm sure it does), just please give me some general advice as to when I should start planting.
The list of species I have in mind is fairly long, so I don't want to go through (and ask y'all to go through) each and every one.
It was recommended to me that I contact a 'county agent' which of course means parish, here, I still could find no real resource that would answer my questions. I've yet to hear back from the LSU AgCenter, so please don't recommend that.
Just some general knowledge would be MUCH appreciated!


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I'm from N.O. and the average last frost date is March 17 or so. That's when you can plant out more "tender" plants like tomato seedlings and annual flowers. Shrubs can be planted all fall/winter and so can trees and even roses. Bulbs can be planted depending on the type. Bulbs that bloom in spring like daffodils, plant them in fall and winter. You can plant them now. Bulbs that bloom in summer like gladiolus and lillies, plant them in springtime. LSU is good source of info, you might just try their website just search LSUAg home gardening or something like that. I always liked to go to the library and check out a couple books like Month by Month gardening in LA or other specific to LA books. Good luck and have fun!

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