Hydrangea Bombshell height ???

dayscapesSeptember 1, 2012

Just picked up some Bombshells the other day on clearance...marked down to just $6 so it seemed like a bargain. Seems like there are mixed results on their performance from reading through some other postings, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Since it's been on the market a couple of years and has had a chance to grow in gardens, I'm wondering if it really stays between 2 and 3 feet in height....or if it has a tendency to get a bit bigger. Just wondering because I'm trying to decide where to put them. I was planning to replace my Limelights with them (which outgrow their space no matter how hard I cut them back). If Bombshell really stays that small, I may opt to use Little Lime as replacements.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

The estimate is for a shrub at 10-years of maturity; since most specimens are not that old, it is hard to tell if it will be a slow grower that exceeds those numbers or what. You may want to take that estimate with a grain of salt. Most estimates are taken in northern gardens so when I plant hydrangeas here in the South, I notice that my longer growing season makes them grow more than estimated.

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May I ask where you found them? I can't find Little Lime anywhere and I haven't seen Bombshell.

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Are you in Maryland? I found them on clearance for $6 at a Lowes near me (regular price was $24.99). The independent nursery around the corner from me is asking $36...so $6 seemed like a real bargain.

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Thanks Dayscape. I am in MD near Bowie. Haven't seen any in the Lowes near me. I'll keep my fingers crossed. You're right about local nursery prices. I have mine on my watch list and waiting for them to mark the hydrangeas down later this season...hopefully.

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mzdee...I got mine at the Lowes in Cockeysville in Balto County. I got the last four and they were all on clearance. I saw a bunch of Bombshells at the Lowes in Whitemarsh the other day that looked like new arrivals. They looked really good...but weren't on clearance.

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Keep us up to date on how they do please :) Mine was a "bustshell". But for $6, wow! Mine was $29.99. I dug it up and it was more rootbound than I remembered when I planted it :-( So hopefully pruning + container+ sulfur + helping the roots = happy plant! Best of luck. I may have given mine the death sentence, but if so it was a mercy killing. It was kind of living a miserable life.

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I just remember that when I planted my 'Limelights' way back when, the tag said that they would mature to a height of 6 feet. They have probably gotten to be almost double that height at their tallest. This year with heavy pruning in early spring and a secondary pruning later in the season, I've managed to reduce the height to about 5 1/2 to 6 feet tall...but this is too much work. I'd rather have a shrub that fits the space better without so much maintenance. My experience with 'Limelight' is why I wonder if Bombshell really stays around 3 feet....or if it too will surpass its advertised height.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Bombshell is a very weak grower from what I can tell. I doubt if this dud will surpass 4' at most.

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Agreed- 'Bombshell' is a bomb. Poor grower.Poor flowering. Droopy branches so the previous post is correct it will probably never exceed 3'.'Little Lime' is much prettier.

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Bombshell is no dud in my garden! Looks just like a scaled down version of any other paniculata - smaller leaves, smaller flowers and an overall compact plant. But flowers just as well as the bigger cousins I grow. And stems no floppier than any other paniculata.

I guess everybody has their own opinion :-)

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Is there such a thing as a dud in the PNW?lol?

If I don't see a marked improvement in my plants next year, it will be tagged as the worst H. paniculata intro ever.

1 more year!

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You may be right :-) I just realized I purchased 4 hydrangeas this season! That may not sound like a lot but I do the majority of my gardening in containers so it is a bit of big deal. The latest purchase - 'Ruby Slippers' oakleaf - may just have to go in the ground......somewhere. Very limited outdoor real estate as I live on a bit of a cliff.

FWIW, I was very non-biased in my acquisitions - an angustifolia, a macrophylla, a paniculata and a quercifolia. Never really met a hydrangea I didn't like :-))

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I'm falling in love with oakleafs. I have three and I'm waiting to see what they do. So far they are giving a nice long lasting burgundy fall color. That with the leaf texture is keeping me happy for now!

Ruby Slippers and Muchkin are on deck for next year.

Bobo is a paniculata that looks promising. I'll get a few of those next year.

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