Indoor Tomatoes

tomatophileAugust 10, 2008

Hey there! I am a new member, but a long time advice-seeker. I have been growing tomatoes in containers since last February. First, I started out with 6 varieties in my bathroom under grow lights, from which I was able to grow 6 healthy plants and move them to a balcony once I moved to a different apartment. These plants have grown beautifully outside, and have even produced fruit. Now, summer is reaching it's end, and I live in Iowa, which means nasty winters. I would like some advice on good varieties or tips on growing tomato plants indoors so I can have fresh fruit for the winter. I have multiple florescent lights that I used to grow my seedlings indoors this winter/early spring. I have north and West facing windows, but am hesitant to put my new plants inside near a window because I have cats and do not want them eating the leaves (poisonous to cats) Also, I am experimenting with composting organic materials. Can I use these as fertilizer/soil for my indoor tomatoes with a better result?

Tomatoes are my biggest interest, but I am also wanting to grow other fresh things indoors for the winter: lettuces and herbs, what are good ideas for this? thanks so much!

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Hi, I don't know if there is enough winter light to produce any tomatoes by the window light alone, however I don't think you would have anything to worry about regarding your cats- once my indoor tomatoes were over 2" the cat showed no interest in them at all.
If you start lettuce you will probably have to protect it from your cats, most love baby lettuce.

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