Starting Nursery in MS. Help

SilverVixenJanuary 18, 2014

Does anyone know where to find out detailed specifics of starting a plant nursery in Mississippi? I have been looking for safety and Heath laws and anything pertaining to the actual building of and running a greenhouse with no luck. I have contacted the Amite county office but they told me i need a permit(obviously) then to just start my business and if i don't pass inspections they will shut me down. But they could not tell me what is needed to pass until an inspector shows up. I know most of the federal regulations but i know every state is different. I appreciate any help you guys could give me.

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Hey. Did you contact your local Extension Service Office? They should be able to assist you. If there is not one in your county, there will be one that serves a combined county area. You can also contact MS State as they are the ag college for the state. Go online to MS State and you may find what you need. They have an extensive horticulture program, trial gardens, etc.

I live about 30 miles from MS State and have recently asked their assistance for my orchard and gardens. Also, I was born in MS but left when I was a teen. Inherited some land and decided to go back there....have found it very difficult as they do not have the laws, inspections, permitting, etc. that I am accustomed to. You will find it difficult to get the info you need because "no one knows anything" or they won't help. So, it's just best to go to the professors and Extension Agents at MS State.

Good luck in your new endeavor!

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Thanks for the information. I finally found who i needed to talk to. The branch is called the board of plant industry from the ms extension service. I knew i was overlooking something simple like the AG department. Lol so thanks again and hopefully my greenhouse will be open by late spring.

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pskemissy, where are you at? I'm also about 30 miles from MSU in Columbus. I'm new to the forum and hoping to find other gardeners!

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