where to get GROUND straw/hay?

Mushroom_Fairy(San Antonio, TX)August 9, 2002

Anybody know where to order online some ground up or shreded straw?

Or maybe... does somebody know where to get a big enough grinder (not large scale, just really big ) for home use, to be able to grind it myself fast???


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I think you have to grind your own.

You should be able to rent a leaf shredder from your local Home Depot or hardware store.

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Lois1(FL - 9)

I get mine from the farm store [even cities have them in surroounding areas].

I take garbage bags and collect the stuff at the bottom that they prefer to throw away [ask permission]. Late Spring, after the farmers buy and after Holloween are the best times to get it free.

Or buy bales; chew it with the mower- make piles; raise the front of the mower and bring it down over the pile. Its a neater job with the bag on. Or do you have a place where it can be confined for bagless shredding?

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Nelz(z5b/6 NW PA)

Lois1 gets the prize. I break a bale and loosen the straw and spread it out near where I am going to use it, then mow it. Some times a clump may need a second pass. I'm only chopping it up, not trying to create hay dust.

I try to do this right after I mow, so I can throw the grass clippings on the pile, and do a mix and chop all at once.

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ronr(z6 ct)

country fare LLC. located in derby CT.
great stuff.
they call it mainly mulch.
ron r.

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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

If you've got a mower & a solid fence, mow the straw with the discharge side facing the fence. In no time at all, you'll have a row of chopped straw, hay or leaves.

I used to have the narrow strip along the cement-block wall planted, but once I discovered how useful it was for mowing mulch, I ripped out the plants & left it just as dry hard dirt.

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