Kidnapped for Christ

silversword(9A)February 16, 2012

(directly pulled from the website)

Here's a trailer for a documentary-in-progress called "Kidnapped for Christ," which tells the stories of children whose evangelical Christian parents pay military-style boarding school to render them to an offshore facility, where they are subject to inhuman treatment in the name of reforming their wicked ways, from "discipline problems" to simply being gay:

The film centers on the story of David, a straight-A student from Colorado who was sent to Escuela Caribe in May of 2006 after coming out to his parents as gay. Like many others, David was taken in the night without warning by a "transport service" and was never told where he was going or when he would be brought back home. While at Escuela Caribe, David had no way of communicating with any of his friends or family back home until the filmmakers arrived and he decided to ask them if they would smuggle out a letter that he had secretly written to his best friend. Once word got back to David's community about what had happened to him, many people sprung to action and formed a plan to get him released. Getting David out of this school, however, turned out to be a much more difficult task than anyone had thought, and the trials they went through to get David released revealed just how far Escuela Caribe would go to prevent a student from leaving.

David was not the only student whose life was impacted by the school's severe approach to discipline. The filmmakers followed many other students who also experienced degrading punishments and who struggled to understand what was happening to them. The film also features interviews with former students, including Julia Scheeres, whose 2005 New York Times Best Selling memoir Jesusland tells the story of the disturbing physical and physiological abuse she witnessed and suffered at Escuela Caribe during the 1980s.

The growth of the troubled teen industry, especially therapeutic boarding schools located in the United States and abroad, has given rise to many other allegations of the inhumane treatment of youth and the exploitation of families who are desperately seeking help for their teenagers. The goal of Kidnapped for Christ is to tell the stories of the students at Escuela Caribe and to give them a voice so that they may make people aware of the broader industry of schools like Escuela Caribe and the potential danger they constitute for our youth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Article

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I swear--I'm being inundated with terrible news about what the right-wing/conservative/Republicans are up to. Every 10 minutes, it's something new--now this! I'm not kidding--most of this morning I've been planning to go work in my garden, but every 10 minutes there is the latest bulletin what the religious dictators are up to. It's getting unreal, folks--absolutely unreal.


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And it's only going to get worse if the radical rightwingers aren't voted out of office and no new ones are voted in.

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I keep thinking it'll blow up in their faces before too long. They're only hurting their cause. Promise, it's just a matter of time.

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It's the parents of the kid that needs to be sent away for intervention and deprograming.

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Wow. How does a parent do this to their own child? How could anyone do this to another human being?

I think anyone with half a brain realizes that some teens will rebel, will misbehave, and that the teen years can be a bit of a challenge. Kids go through certain phases. But this isn't the answer. That's not discipline... that's torture!

And sending your teen away to be tortured because he or she is gay? I can't even process that. Will there ever come a time when the human species realizes that we each have value just as we are, and homosexuality is not a disease, not a choice, and people are just people?

Religion is a dangerous thing... and the more organized and extreme, the more dangerous it is.

I even notice religious conservatives getting a little nervous at how far this is all going...

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Rob, that is what I keep thinking. The GOP is seeing what it has birthed and will finally revamp, throwing the fundamentalists and control freaks out with the bath water, keeping the valuable baby.

I think that even if they win the presidential election, huge changes are going to happen. They know they can't barrel down this road of lunacy much longer without utter implosion of destruction.

The thing is, I wouldhave thought that they would have learned on Bush Jr/Cheney. Maybe they are slow learners.

Where is my father's republican party? When did it die or sell it's soul to the brave Soldiers For Christ?

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I'm right here mylab! I don't count as a party, but their ideals are those I hold dear.

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Robin, where are the rest of you, then? You and Bill can't be the only ones left! ;-)

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where is my father's Republican party"?


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