Training Limelight from a shrub to a tree...?

sarah64September 22, 2009

Hello everyone I'm new on here and very new to hydrangeas. I've got a bush that I'd like to train into a tree, my question is, if I chop off all but the strongest, straightest stem (which has a flower at the end, does that matter?) and let it set buds at the top, will the "trunk" continue to grow taller or will it stay the same height and just produce at the top?

I hope that makes sense. Thank you anyone who can help me with this before I get snap happy out there and start chopping.


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Sarah, you've got the right idea there. This one stem will then branch out all over the place, snip off those lower branches and just allow three or four to develop on top, this will give you the "tree" form.


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