experiment needs input from fellow 'Diggers'

john(CA)August 24, 2001

Being a person of modest means and having dug by hand one to many trees (a passion of mine) I decideed to save my back and begin experimenting transplanting mostly established fruit,pine, fir and birch trees using a special type of mechanical "Spading Fork Attacment" that I built for my 3-point tractor. It simply works on a similar principle as a regular hand held spading fork except it has special interchagable elongated tines with attached soil retaining plates and "fins"(for different soil types and root systems), it is large, strong and is operated by the tractors hydraulics. It's cheap to build, faster and works better than a tree spade. A friend of mine moved a small grove of apple and pear trees with it in one afternoon. The following season I was told they all survived and some had fruit. I would like to hear what you think of my experiment. questions/ input please. John

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Suggest you locate a local nursery or wholesale nursery person to trial your invention. Their interest would be ease of digging, potential of mechanical breakdown of the device and will it dig a tidy earth ball that can be easily balled and burlaped.
Also, try to find a local landscaper who is doing a yard that requires moving mature plant material to new locations. Talk them into trying your invention. The professionals will be able to give you a quick evaluation of your idea.
One more thought. Whenever ones develops a new concept and sends it out for trial it is always wise to protect your idea. Write up a description (pictures) of the device and have everyone who sees or trials it sign and date this statement saying they have seen it. Then, put that signed statement in an envelope addressed to you and have the post office mail it to you with a legible, dated post mark. Never open the envelopes when you receive them. File them away and if anyone tries to copy your idea you have dated proof that you are the originator. It is just extra insurance in case you have an idea that should be researched for a possible patent. Good luck!

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Thank-you everyone for your e-mail, but why not post your questions/advice to me on this forum?

yes I am a inventor, yes I do have a patent No.6,206,104 and another CIP pending, no there is nothing else comparable to it and there is no place to buy one, yes it works well in rockie soil, no I am not selling it nor do I have a business, yes it is being tried out by a few local landscape companys, yes the professionals like it, no I do not have a Manufacture.

For more tecnical information i.e. how it works type of machines I have used it on etc. please list on this forum, that way others with the same questions will have them anserwed.

For those who would like to have the building plans to build one for yourselfs send me an e-mail and I will send them to you via an attachment.

Respectfully, John

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I would be interested in building one of your tree diggers. I have a few trees to move but cost to much to hire someone. any information would be helpful. Thank you Scottiey

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jadebirdgreen(z7 OK)

I think this is very interesting. What size tractor will it work with?

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