Olive trees

rockngreenFebruary 7, 2008

Are Olive trees grown here in S.E. La.?

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I was hoping someone who knew what they were talking about would answer you, but I guess you're stuck with me! Olives are Mediterranean plants. That area tends to have low humidity and therefor cooler nights, like the west coast. Olive trees I think do well out there, tho' I don't remember seeing any--in California at least. Generally, and this is definitely not always true, but generally, things that are native to areas with low humidity don't much like it here. Lots of things like that I haven't tried for that reason--but sometimes they do, and I probably miss out!

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lol! Well, I do appreciate you taking the time to reply. I can see what you mean with plant most likely not doing to good here with our humidity...lol

I'm just trying to think of something different to add to our backyard. So, thanks again.

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I know olive trees are totally different from sweet olive shrubs, but the sweet olive shrubs (evergreen) sure grow nicely here. My two are full of blooms right now, and so fragrant. I love them. They're always great to include in your landscaping plans. Just a thought.

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I did liberate some olives(I think) from a tree in Hoover Alabama, which reminds me that I need to plant them now. They dried as expected but the pulp is sweet and sticky like a date. The tree was labeled (olive) but I don't remember exactly what. I will visit Hoover again and get exactly what the label states.

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iameve(Gpt Ms)

I have a wonderful sweet olive shrub. I planted it a few years ago and it is way over my head now. It is loaded with these lovely, lemony smelling, almost like a Magnolia, scent. The flowers are delicate and white. I planted it on the day my little white Maltease died and I think of him everytime I walk by it. It is evergreen and even in the Winter, it will have blooms...right now in March,,it is loaded with flowers.

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iameve, I hope my sweet olives grow nice and tall like yours. Ours are new, planted in October with the new house, and are about waist high, but like yours, loaded in blooms right now. The fragrance always slows me down just to stand there and inhale! If yours is already that tall, they must be fast growers? I hope.

What a sweet way to remember your pet......

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Maybe they would grow here since they grow in Florida. Check out this link at Just Fruits.

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I am growing an Arboquina Olive in New Iberia, La. It is now on its 3rd year and growing quite well. Made it through that relentless rain last summer just fine. I do have it planted in a high gravely area. Definitely worth a try. I got mine at The Rose Garden Center on the West Bank.

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go there and you will see olive trees for Louisiana

If the link doesn't show it's willis orchard on the net

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To those looking for mission olive trees. A lady at
Covington Farmers market sells them on saturday from 9-12

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