Strawberry-Vanilla Hydrangea

walterdavidwilsonSeptember 30, 2012

I planted a strawberry-vanilla hydrangea (forgot the French name)earlier this year, and it failed to get a single bloom. The plant is vigorous but no blooms. It gets morning sun and afternoon shade. Developer says it will bloom in either sun or shade. Any idea why it didn't bloom this year? Thanks. Dave.

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Dunno.....ours at the nursery are in full bloom even in a nursery container :-) IME, paniculatas like Strawberry Vanilla are very sun tolerant. All of mine are grown in full sun. It may be that yours would prefer more sun than it is currently receiving to bloom well.

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Cher(6 SW OH)

The first year I had mine which was a smaller one, it did not bloom. The next year it had several blooms, this year it had blooms all over it and it's still not mature, so I would give it time.

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Thanks for your comments, Cher, and gardengal. I may have to move it, as it planted between two other hydrangeas. I will move it to a sunnier location, and where there is more room to grow. As it gets larger (more mature), maybe it will have more flowers. I will probably not prune it this fall.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

I would give it one more year before moving it, after all, these guys get forced to bloom and grow at unnatural times of the year so maybe something the wholesaler did resulted in no blooms. Hopefully, it will resume to blooming at its natural time next year.

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Sometimes the first year of planting, the energy of the plant goes into root development. Give it more time before moving it. I have found this to be true with bloomning trees. They might be covered with blossoms when you see them, but the next year, you are lucky if you have a few. The following year ususally does not disappoint.

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