Composting - plants from the bayou?

gooup(z9, LA)February 27, 2011

i just started my first compost bin and i'm a bit short on green materials (i have plenty of brown leaves and grass). i live right across from a bayou teeming with green growth. Could i add this to even out my green/brown material ratio?

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plan9fromposhmadison(8A Madison Mississippi)

Excellent idea! Can't imagine why it wouldn't work splendidly. You're talking about the tiny, ever-so-green floating plants that make the lovely green surface of the Bayou?

I'd imagine those plants contain Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria, and would be as good as composting with Legumes. And if your Bayou is cursed with the invasive alien (albeit lovely) Water Hyacinth, I'm certain you'd be getting great Nitrogen, and doing something nice for the Bayou, too. In your hot, wet zone, we should know by July!

Please keep us posted!

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Yes, you can!
You can and should also use kitchen waste, such as coffee grounds (considered a green), vegetable and fruit peels, leftovers (beans, peas, etc) -- these would be greens. When you start mowing grass, that will be alot of greens, and you might want to save some browns (dried grass, straw, pine needles, dead leaves, even shredded paper/newspaper/cardboard, becoz in summer you will have lots of greens. I also compost used paper towels and napkins, which are 'browns.' I used to live in St Bernard, zone 9b! Happy composting, Laurie
p.s. Happy Mardi Gras!

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