voles ???????????

potatoe_man_oo1August 11, 2002

I believe there is a vole eating the roots of all my flowers in one of my flower beds ............how do i get rid of the @#$#?%$&@#

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My cats are good vole hunters.

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Sorry dude,
I know what pests voles can be...have you tried flooding them out?? If it is voles you will find the little mouse like holes, put the water hose down the hole and turn it on. You might not get rid of them but they will more likely move than be drowned. I've had other criters eat roots however, potato bugs/pill bugs are notorious root eaters.

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Fantin_Latour(z7 OR)

Just dropping in from the rose forums. These threads are fascinating. Couldn't resist commenting on this. We moved in April to a hilltop home and planted extensive new gardens in old pastures. There was a tremendous and varied rodent population. Ground squirrels that commuted to our gardens from a blackberry thicket, also lots of voles, you name it. About July we began to notice fewer rodents, including around the horse barns. Then we began to see the snakes, including three rattlesnakes. The rodents are nowhere to be seen now. Our neighbors tell us the snakes winter in the high bluff of the nearby mountain and migrate to Rodent City (our neighborhood) in the summer every year where they fill their niche in nature very well. We feel that a little vigilance and a live and let live philosophy will do it.

Garter snakes would take care of the voles, if you can find a supplier.

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Shellbella(Zone 6 WA)

I read in some garden article about how voles/moles eat grubs from some kind of insect. There is something called Milky spore that you spread on your lawn, plant bed, pasture or whatever and this Milky Spore kills the grubs which in turn drive the rodents out due to starvation. If you look up on the internet about Milky Spore it will describe it better than I can. It's also interesting that when I got a sod cutter and cut up a patch of grass, under the layer were tons of grubs and I also have problems with moles/voles running through my lawn. I ordered some Milky Spore and plan to give it a try.

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Hubby bought some kind of organic spray from the local farm supply store. You attach it to a water hose and spray the area. The name of the store is Southern States. It took a couple of months to drive them out, but they left.

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davissue_zone9(z9 Sunset 14)

I get some sort of warfarin based bait from the local county agricultural commisioners office and pour it into short lengths of 1 inch pvc pipes, near the holes. The pipe keeps the birds from picking up the poisoned grain.

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Voles are horrible!! I grew up in the house I live in now and over a loooong period of time we've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them, even down to those vibrating machines you stick in the ground. I've only found that daffodils and helloborus are not in their appetite. Good luck and let us know if you find a cure!!

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