Blooms weighing down branches

hoosier2bSeptember 14, 2008

Hi I was wondering if someone could advise me on what to do. I have a 4 1/2' tall Nikko Blue that blooms beautifully, the only problem is that it's stems are very thin and so the blooms ends up laying on the ground. I recently went to Massachusetts and walked around the neighborhood as I couldn't resist inspecting the hydrangeas up close. To my shock, the stems were quite thick - 3/4 to 1' in diameter. Is there any way to encourage this? Should I prune (next year) immediately after flowering? Thanks, all!

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Most hydrangeas get thicker, sturdier stems with maturity. If your plant is less than two years old - Give it some time and it will get stronger. If you have it planted in full shade the stems will tend to stretch and be flimsy. A sunnier location will solve the problem. Avoid excess water and fertilizer as this will lead to weak stems. Also prune out about a third of the weakest stems so the remaining stems get more energy and are better equiped to hold the flowers. Good luck.

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hoosier and duncan, thank you, thank you for starting this question and for the very helpful answer. I had the same exact question. I hate seeing all the stems on the ground, knowing I can't cut them all. Because my Nikko BLue hasn't bloomed for a couple of years, I overfertilized it this summer! And my Blushing Brides and Big Daddys and Forevers are all dragging.
Thanks you "guys" again.
Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, Michigan (no offence, Duncan!)

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