Looking for Mirliton Plants or Seeds

alligatorobFebruary 6, 2011

I now live in North Florida but am from Louisiana and would like to try growing Mirlitons here.

Can anyone suggest where I could get plants or seed online? The local nurseries around here don't even seem to know what they are much less have them.

And if anyone has any experience growing them in Florida advice would be appreciated. I am assuming I'll have to grow them in potting soil or something, I doubt they'll like our sugar white sand as much as the tourists.


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I've seen them sold as chayote in Krogers here and in a couple Asian markets. The ones being sold are from Mexico though. I bought 4 to try and only one began to sprout inside and it has done nothing more so far after I planted it in my greenhouse.

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Update....I told my buying 4 of these and one sprouting...

Well today I pulled that first one out of the pot and it had alot of roots, A second had sprouted indoors and the growth was almost an inch before I noticed it. It is now in a pot.

Both are now in my greenhouse. They may never fruit, but at least they are growing, so I am happy.

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If you ever make your way back to Baton Rouge, Naylor's off of Millerville has mirliton plants. They may ship them, check out their website. I got mine from them last year during the summer/spring and it went nuts! Unfortunately I moved before I was able to see if any fruit was produced. I'm sure that who ever moved in after us got a great surprise.

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