Floppy Iris

misobentoMay 19, 2011

planted an iris (about 6 inches tall) and the next morning I noticed a squirrel had dug it up. I was on my way to work, so didn't replant it until when I got home from work. Now the plant is extremely floppy seems unhappy. Any thoughts on how I can save it?

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Squirrels have no particular love of Iris. This was probably a freak occurance.
If you planted it again, that is about all you can do.
Keep it watered if it gets real dry, until it gets its roots established, and it should recover and be fine.

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Thanks for the advice. :)

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I use a U shaped garden stake to support any iris my dogs dig up until they have had a chance to get firmly rooted again. Just carefully push the stake down over the rhizome. I remove it in the fall.

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