Browning leaves?

darinvSeptember 11, 2013

I recently planted this Hydrangea renhy, had beautiful pink and white blooms, which are now brown. Sort of a newby to hydrangeas so I wasn't sure if I was supposed to cut the blooms off when they died and browned?
Anyways, my major concern was the browning on the leaf edges, as pictured.
Gets plenty of sun and I feel like i water it pretty dilligently. Every other day for sure, on really hot days I get to it every day. maybe I'm watering too much?
Please help.

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Hello, darinv. If the leaves are not getting enough moisture, the leaves will turn brown from the edges so try to maintain the soil as evenly moist as you can. Basically, try not to have long periods of dryness, followed by moist soil and then back to dry again. Use mulch, 3-4" up to the drip line, to let the soil moisture last longer and reduce the need to water often.

To see if you need to water, insert a finger into the soil to a depth of 4" and water if the soil feels almost dry or dry. Water early in the morning. Water the soil (not the leaves) about 1-2 gallons (1g in Spring; more during the worst of the summer) from the root ball outwards.

If you water when the soil feels wet then you are watering too much. If you keep this for a long time, the plant can then develop root rot and the shrub's leaves will look wilted 24/7 so try not to go overboard with the waterings!


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