Tiny Flies?

rabid_parrotsFebruary 2, 2009

I don't know exactly what they are called, but they're the most annoying little things. They burrow into the dirt and spread their larvae all over whatever plants are nearby. Their number seems to double every other day and I haven't found anything that kills them except cold weather. I hadn't ever seen these things until I moved to Baton Rouge from Alabama. Does anybody know a way to get rid of them?

Diluted dish soap seems to have no effect other than holding them down for a few hours. :/

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They tickle donÂt they? Fruit fly/ fungus gnat or what ever you call them can be aggravating but there is not much that you can do. If you have fruit trees with fruit on the ground it helps to clean under the trees. Also some vinegar in a shallow bowl with a couple of drops of dish soap mixed together will capture some. They just drown in the mixture but I doubt that there is a solution to get rid of them completely.

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