daffodils starting to come up

bizzymomof3February 13, 2010

I live on the border of Pontotoc and Lafayette county in MS and it has been cold cold winter. I am enjoying seeing the first signs of daffodils. Seeing them begin to come up always puts a smile on my face I know spring is coming.


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Hi Lisa, I live near Tupelo. Yes I am so happy to see the foliage of daffs coming up. I have so much to do, as always, in the garden. Yesterday was a beautiful day and hubby and I thinned out some trees with a long electric tree pruner, worked great. I also weeded, hoed, and pruned a little of what was ready to be pruned. Unfortunately I have a bum shoulder, flaring up now, but too bad I couldn't stop myself from working outside (today too) becoz it is going to get cold again and maybe snow.
Laurie in Lee County

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Laurie, what did the doctor say about your shoulder?

I noticed the paperwhites starting to bloom today, so I cut a few to put in the kitchen window.

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Doctor said it is likely tendonitis/bursitis and put me on prednisone for a week. In 2006 that helped tremendously after I had moved here and went crazy in the yard, esp. using loppers and pruners etc.
I don't remember injuring it lately, so I guess it just flared up. If the prednisone (plus an exercise he gave me) don't help then do MRI to see if there is some big enough tear to surgically correct. But of course I am just going nuts this weekend with garden work, just moved a big heavy shasta daisy, that was tough. I guess the soil that came with it was just so heavy. But got alot of weeding done and some mulching with leaf compost. Well I think I'm in for the day, cooking now. Thanks for asking.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Hoping the drug helps ... along with the exercises. Did he mention physical therapy? I understand completely about the garden work ... it's hard to hold back when there's so much to do.

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