Paging George... baby hydrangea instructions, please.

siennactSeptember 1, 2009

After the spring swap, I repotted them both and they are outgrowing their pots again. Can either be planted outside this year? If so, when should I do it?

They are living on my front porch where they get a little morning sun and shade the rest of the day.

I will link to photos of the plants so you can check them out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lotkin nursery

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Hi Tina,

I just got back from overseas and see your post.

If I recall correctly you got two different babies:
-Limelight from seeds
-open polination cross between Blue Bird and Tokyo Delight.

If my memory is still OK, then Limelight could be planted in ground, but BB/TD cross should be overwintered in garage for one more winter and planted out in a spring after the danger of the frost passes. The reason for that is that flower buds had been already formed and you want to see it flowering FOR SURE, not MAYBE.
As you could imagine I'm anxious to see how this cross works, therefore take my extra-precautios suggestion with a grain of salt :-)
BTW, Marty also sent me the picture of her 'cross-baby' and it show gorgeous golden-red fall coloration of the foliage which neither of the parents nor their babies ever displayed in my garden, though mine never got a direct sun, while her does.

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I have several new baby hydrangeas this year and other than my lime light these are my first. Should I winter them inside this winter?

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Oh, the big one is limelight! I forgot! Good, I have one spot for a plant that will need coddling and water, and possibly me holding an umbrella over it in the summer while it's small, just right for bluebird/tokyo, and then a limelight will fit in well in a hole in my front yard. Excellent.

I might winter both inside, since two are no harder than one and the spot I have chosen for Limelight is fairly exposed.

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