Straw and Rabbit poo planting beds

plant.babies(Zone 7-8)August 14, 2006

After reading the long thread about hay and straw bale planting, I wanted to post about a friend who grows amazing veggies.

He has raised beds made w/ wood. He fills the beds with alternating layers of straw and rabbit poo. They sit for a week or so, watering daily, then he plants his spring seedlings in the bed. There's no dirt, potting soil, or anything else in the beds, and he does not fertilize.

He says rabbit poo does not require composting -- you can plant a seedling directly in fresh poo and it won't burn.

His veggies are huge -- onions the size of a baby's head, and they taste better than any home-grown veggie I've ever had.

I imagine that if you did not want the wood perimeter, you could simply hollow out the middle of a straw bale, stuff it with rabbit pellets, plant your seedling, and Viola!


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