Pink Diamond Color Change Question

macgyver2009September 5, 2009

A few weeks ago, when Lowes got in hydrangea trees, I couldn't decide between Limelight and Pink Diamond, so being the weak hydrangea addict that I have become, I got both. I still can't decide which I like better as they are both beautiful in their own ways. They also have those huge nursery/hormone induced panicles

As I have watched Pink Diamond progress through her colors, I noticed that although her flowers went from a green/white to pink, she seemed to change from the bottom of the panicle to the top similar to Pinky Winky. I know that Pinky Winky started from a Pink Diamond. Could those of you who have Pink Diamond tell me if this is the typical color progression?

I was nursery hopping this weekend as they all have good sales on. I want a second Pinky Winky to go into the opposite end of the bed from my first. I purchased a plant at the same nursery that I bought Pinky Winky from last summer, but after having it home, I am convinced it is a Pink Diamond as the flower colors look like my tree form and do not have the clear white that my other Pinky Winky has.

Here are a couple of pictures of my Pink Diamond tree panicles.

TIA for any feedback you can give on your Pink Diamonds and the color progression.

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Hi macgyver - Those are absolutely beautiful panicles of PD you posted - like yours, my PD is at a similar stage of turning color ... I have just 2 panicles with still some creamy whites left, all are in expected stages of pink ... some florettes rosier than others! Progression is from bottom up ... 'hope this helps.

My PD is in her 2nd full-season in the soil ... purchased Oct '07 ... overwintered in a huge pot in a ground-hole.

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Thanks Ditas. That helped a lot. That confirms that the plant I bought that was labeled Pinky Winky is indeed a Pink Diamond. I like them both, but PD will need a larger space. I can definitely see the PD parentage in PW. This was my first full season growing the paniculatas. It has been a great learning experience and a lot of fun.

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ostrich(3a AB)

The more I know Pink Diamond, the more I love it. What a gorgeous shrub! Yours is very pretty. Can I see the entire plant please?

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Hi Ostrich. Here are the pictures of the PD tree. It splayed after some heavy rain and wind. It had a couple of panicles broken off when I purchased it, but it was the best of the bunch at the time. The white colors do not show off well against the house siding, so I may move it into the yard. I have it under planted with a $7.00 ES that I found at a big box and a new Twist and Shout that I got on sale over the weekend. I am wondering if Limelight's creamy green color would look better in that corner. It would get more shade and perhaps hold it's green longer.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Hi macgyver2009, I agree with you that the lovely Pink Diamond does look a bit "lost" against the pale grey siding, at least before it turns pink. I also have pale grey siding myself, and my blue Endless Summer does look spectacular when it is in full bloom. I also think that the PD tree would get pretty big so this is probably a bit too close to the house too. I think that the PD tree would look wonderful as a specimen somewhere in your yard, so that it can get all the attention that it deserves!

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Wow Macgyver, what a beauty ... panicles are huge for such a still, young tree!!! Â;) How tall is her trunk ... seems odd calling such a lovely lady's leg a trunk ... LOL!

How close did you plant your young ES? She too will grow tall in a couple of years. My PD is a shrub & has an ES 3'+ as a neighbor in front (under-plant as you will) already covering up PD's lower canes w/ blooms.

Your tree won't grow any taller but will fill out on top, you might want to give her a stage to show off, as Ostrich suggested. Might also consider the height of her leg when planning under plants. IMHO!

Have fun with her!!! Â;)

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Thanks for the feedback Ostrich and Ditas. I definitely need to get the PD tree out of the corner. I've only been gardening for a short time and I have to admit that I have a hard time visualizing the plants when they are full grown. I am working on expanding another bed to accommodate PD and allow more room for ES. I have been having such a hard time figuring this out...punishment for making an impulse buy. I still love the PD shrub/tree though. I wish you both were here to give some first hand advice. Ditas, the trunk or leg is only about 18-20", so it is a rather short tree.

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Hi Macgyver - don't be too hard on yourself ... so easy to fall in the trap ... & we here, are great enablers!!! LOL I've been gardening longer than I care to say & still make great many mistakes on, space calculations etc, especially when I bring home a real baby ... never could seem to follow, recommended spacing, on the tag.

You'll get better, I promise ... fortunately there is always this forums to ask ??? All you need to do is to set your shovel down, beside the new pot you brought home & log on ... the wonders of this new-age-instant help, on your finger tips!!!

I've move plants around many times ... newly planted ones are not as difficult ... roots haven't taken a hold as tightly yet!

I keep a pictorial journal of the beauties I grow in my piece of soil ... here is my PD album, if you care to see, how very quickly, the site got crowded in 2 seasons (the other perennials were planted many years ago) ES is 3.5ft in front of PD ... they have filled the space between them, also ES is now 3.5ft+ tall now.

Sorry so many pics in the album ... didn't have time to create a smaller one ... 'hope it helps.

Good luck on your garden-bed expansion!!! Â;)

Here is a link that might be useful: PD & Buddies

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BTW - about the 18"-20" leg hgt. - you really have to be careful about under-planting, if you really must ... she'll be a top heavy shortie!!!

I hope George would chime in w/ his thoughts! I wonder if your PD can be made taller by pruning some of her lower canes ... at least a few more inches, to allow for arching of canes, when the panicles get too heavy at maturity?

My Kyushu tree, has 30" leg ... her head is draping down quite, w/ all the wt of the mature panicles!

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This is beautiful. Where can I get one? Can't get it around here in SE Georgia, and most of all the others.

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Ditas, thanks for sharing the pictures. That is indeed a lovely combination that filled in well. Everything looks so natural together. I love the pic with the butterfly.

The one thing that I like most about gardening is that it is always a work in progress. When I moved into this house last summer, there was absolutely no landscaping, not a tree, not a flower anywhere, so it was like an open canvas waiting for some color.

I have scoured these forums and have gotten a lot of great information. I really enjoy seeing all of the pictures. I've also been reading some old threads where ego45 talked about pruning the paniculatas to keep them in a smaller size range. I may try some of his suggestions this fall or next spring for the PD tree/shrub.

jerryingeorgia, I got my PD at Lowes, but many of the garden centers/nurseries around here had the shrubs for sale. You may want to check on local availability. You can also find them on line. Hydrangeas Plus had them and from what I understand, they have a very good reputation.

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Thank you Macgyver - talk about moving a shrub... whew! I did a 5 yr/old Philadelphus (Miniature Mock Orange) this poor little shrub, with the most beautifully fragrant white blooms in June, was crowded between a 9'x9' H Tardiva & a large, old Patriot Hosta. Thank heavens I inquired in another forum & was reassured that this shrub is shallow rooted. A friend dug up & gladly took Patriot, a few weeks ago. The problem I had was removing all the river-rocks around the shrub, up to 3ft over where I needed to move her ... I'm glad I've outgrown the 'cringing' effect of digging burried river-rocks (like a teacher's fingernails on chalk board!!!) ... so much for my story!!!

How wonderful to have a clean slate to create your art work huh? ... *the road to beauty is always under construction!!!* even old crowded ones like mine!

I've only started collecting Hydrangeas since '05 ... H Tardiva was my first, altho I've had this 20y/o Nikko that I didn't know much about ... George (Ego45) Hayseedman, gardengal & Luis were very helpful & still are, as well as other experienced gardeners. They're generous with their knowledge ... I learned a great deal from them, as well as, gladly allowed being lured!!! The only constraints ... running out of ideal *real estate* &/or having to dig up old favorites ... oh well!!!

Yes Jerry - check out Lowes, HD etc. this is a good time to look around... end-of-season sales ... even the better nurseries have good mark-downs on Hydrangeas! Fall is as good a time to plant anyway ... roots can get acclimated to native soil & zoom up in Spring! Good luck & have fun!

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I can not find any locally. Sure wish I could get some starts from someone.

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