Confederate Jasmine Ground Cover and Herbicide

lbains(9 FL)February 14, 2005

I have some confederate jasmine ground cover (Trachelospermum asiaticum) which I planted a little over two years ago and it is finally starting to take hold and spread. I have some broad leaf weeds that are coming up inside the ground cover area and spot treated them with Weed b Gon. I accidentally got some of the Weed b Gon on a few of the leaves of the ground cover. Will this kill the ground cover or will it possibly just damage the leaves that got some of the mist on it? Weed b Gon is a systemic so that is why I was worried. Thank you.

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timintexas(z8 E.Tx.)

I think you actually mean Asian, rather than Confederate Jasmine, right? Anyway, if you have Asian, you are probably going to be ok, just perhaps some leaf damage. I have heard of people actually using Roundup in beds of Asian that are contaminated with weeds. Seems the Asian is resistant to herbacides. I have hit the edges of Asian with Momentum (pretty strong stuff) and it seemed to not cause any noticable damage. In the future, if you goof, just quick rinse it off before it is on the plant to long. I have done that lots of times.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I don't think you can kill the stuff with a nuclear bomb. Sure wish I'd never planted it!

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greenelbows, I am right there with you. I could shoot my original landscaper for planting this stuff in beds that have other plants in them - a maintenance nightmare.

Asiatic Jasmine has a waxy covering that greatly decreases the uptake of herbicides. That said, I will use half strength Roundup or Weed b Gone and apply several times for the more stubborn weeds.

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Please forgive me for interupting your thread. I posted earlier today as a new gardner looking for ground cover. I was wondering if this jasmine was a climber and if it is how fast does it climb? Will it flower? I used to live in Italy and the jasmine there bloomed and smelled so good that when my wife and I went into business we named our corporation after this flower after the rain.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Yeah, it climbs. I just noticed it today coming out of the top of an evergreen magnolia. Thought I'd gotten all the @#$% stuff out of there. It does bloom when it climbs, and it smells sorta nice (a little heavy for my taste) but there are MANY other jasmines (Jasminum, Gelsemium, Trachelospermum) with varying degrees of fragrance and hardiness and, what should I say, enthusiasm? Some small, some rambunctious. Check 'em out. Might be just what you want.

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newtie(z8+ MS)

Asiatic jasmine is highly roundup resistant. You can spray weeds in it using the normal concentration of roundup with virtually no effect on the asiatic jasmine. I would avoid periods when the jasmine is in very active growth however. This will be evident from the presence of many light green leaves. Do not use this treatment with confederate jasmine.
Asiatic jasmine is highly invasive and has a very deep root systems. It is difficult to kill or dig up. I would not plant asiatic jasmine in a non-restricted area. Between a sidewalk and a paved street would be OK, but even then you would have to keep your eye on it and mow or weed eat it at least once a year. It is used a lot in commercial plantings as a ground cover between paved areas.

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I love the look of the Asian jasmine between the street and the sidewalk. Ours is a few years old and we have a lighter green 'dopplegangerish' type of weed that pops up from time to time, but I just pull it. I don't see how weeds are contaminants. They make a great compost additive when brought up to a good temperature. We have the confederate jasmine covering our fence and it's quite fragrant for a good portion of the year. Love that both of these jasmines, the vine and the ground cover are such lovely glossy evergreens.

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