Is this Lace Cape Hydrangea

millieon(zone 6a)September 10, 2008


I just plantd this Hydrangea standard and it will get afternoon sun. How much sun can it tolerate and is it a Lace Cap Hydrangea?

This other one is still in the pot and is in the front and doing well but it does get afternoon shade.

Originally had planned for this spot in the middle but my neighbor came over and said the other one would be better but now I am concerned about the sun.

Can it tolerate afternoon sun?



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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

The first one looks like my Hydrangea Paniculata, Tardiva. The second one is a lacecap. Lanarth White, maybe?

Tardiva wants all day sun. The lacecap, in your area probably needs at least afternoon shade. In my area, the lacecap would want a good bit of shade all day.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

The flowers in the standard resemble a panicle so I would say that it is a paniculata and therefore not a lacecap. Paniculatas can stand afternoon sun in the northern states but not here in the south.

The middle picture of the one that is still in a pot out front could be a lacecap but some blooms look like panicles and others do not. I guess I am a 3-dimensional person having trouble with 2 dimensions... LOL!

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Good morning Millie - They all look like H paniculatas to me. The tree form might be Kyushu, just judging from size of the foliage but I'm not an expert. The middle photo ... all I can say is Wow ... I love her!!! Â;)

I hope you have enough room where they are - Paniculatas can get huge pretty quick. If the 1st one is Tardiva, both of mine in 4years/full-sun, are now 8'x8'x6+'tall the other 7'x7'x6'tall.

If the tree form is Kyushu, my 3y/o (planted in full-sun) has a top measuring 7+'wdx7+'deep (easily 14+' in circumference). One expert (Ego45) in this forum, suggested that tree-form, will show better if planted alone, with room to freely blossom. If you have a sunny site, to create an island bed for her, I think you both will be very pleased next season! I suggest identifying your tree, for sure, first (a few photos are posted in this forum, if it will help) - I'm by no means an expert but love my Paniculatas.

A neighbor just moved a PG tree-form, after a few years in a corner growing lop-sided, trying to get more sun. Now in a showier/sunnier site, they staked the trunk like yours to try & improve her posture (so to speak).

Good Luck & have fun with your new garden beauties!!! Â;)

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All three pictures are of h.paniculata and all three show improper placement.
As Ditas said, paniculatas will be a large plants in very short order, therefore need much more room than you currently allowed.
Sunwise, any paniculata will do good in full sun, but being planted next to the brick wall will strugle from the excessive heat reflection off the wall.

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millieon(zone 6a)

Donna, Luis, ditas and ego45. Thank you very much for your responses. I should have checked here first before planting any of them. There is another one planted couple of weeks ago and it too is in an improper placement as it is too close to the brick wall, although, it gets afternoon shade. The blooms are turning brown on her now as with lacecap they are starting to turn pink. I was trying cover the gas meter from next door house. The one that is still in the pot will be going to my DILÂs place just two doors down. It is there for now to give a bit of shade for the Japanese Maple but it didnÂt work out as the leaves are all burnt on my Japanese Maple. JM will be moved in October or spring just have to figure out where to.

If they get 8 feet wide is ok to plant four feet away from the house both in front and back? If not then they will have to be moved to a different location.

Again, thanks for your help.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

You are using yours just as I have mine. My tardivas are in front of a brick wall on the south side of my house, although there is one evergreen shrub (cleyera) between them and the house. I don't think mine get quite as wide as ditas states. Mine are four feet apart and do not completely meet. This could be due to soil conditions. I rarely fertilize either. Most years they top out at five to six feet tall. They only bloom once and the blooms will brown out just as a mophead or oakleaf blooms will do. They sure are welcome additions in August when very little else looks fresh.
(Yes, I think four feet from your house wall will be fine, and should give you a little space to get around and prune too.)

On second look, I think ego is right. The second picture's foliage does look like paniculata. A lacecap would have broader more heartshaped leaves. Luis is right. Two dimenions are hard:)

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millieon(zone 6a)

Donna. Gee, now I am undecided as where it should go. Would it be ok to plant five feet away from the proterty line in this front bed.


Here is a link that might be useful: My 2008 garden

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millieon(zone 6a)

PS I meant to say at the end of the bed. It has been extended a bit already.

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