Fish bowl water for plants?

ned_ragAugust 2, 2002

Just wondering before I try, is it okay to use water from Beta fish bowl change for watering plants?

Mpls. Dee

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BarbC(8 coastal SC)

Definitely - your plants will love it.

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Why not? Don't think it will hurt anything - the fish loves it so give it a try. What color is your fish? Mine is red w/a blue tail.

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Thanks for the help, I went right out and watered my plants with the fish goodies, could swear the plants were licking their leaves. Now, will go get another Betta, this time I want an all turquoise green one. The male I've had for 2 yrs is a light peach color with bright turquoise fins/tail with dark eye that watch me intently, eats like a carp and makes bubbles on the surface of the water. I won't mind cleaning out tanks now, previously I poured it on the compost pile.

Dee - Mpls.

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My betta watches me, too, if my bedside reading light is on. When his light is on, he preens! Another betta has an experiment going on: I put some clear red plastic against his bowl. I tell people he was suffering sensory deprivation! He often goes to the red place and looks out. I have had fish who were affected by color. I used to walk into the room with a firetruck red coat and my betta AND the gourami would rush around their bowls with excitement. The plants love the yukkiest fishwater you can find. Even the water you keep your bait in after a fishing trip. If you don't water your plants with it you are wasting it! If you use plain water for mopping, they'd like that, too!

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