When do Pecans drop nuts?

cursivesailorFebruary 19, 2007

My neighbors always had a pecan tree that would drop a TON of pecans into my yard. But since Hurricane Katrina, the house has been demolished and I've gotten a new apartment. I dont go over there, because I'm not a complete maschocist. But I was just thinking that since the lot is still ours, I could go over there and pick up the pecans.

What time of the year should I go look for them? I dont really wanna go over there at the wrong time because it makes me cry. But pickin up a couple grocery bags full of nuts is worth the emotional trauma.

Thanks in advance!

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Pecans fall in the fall.

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Yep, in the fall. We have 5 pecan trees around our house. I'm wondering how I can get them before the squirrels do! I swear they grab them straight out of the trees before they get to drop.

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Usually between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There may still be a few on the ground if the squirels haven't gotten them all.


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