Has Anyone Grown Limelights in Full Sun in Southern California?

CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)September 29, 2013

I just purchased 4 Limelight Hydrangeas for the first time from The Plant Depot in San Juan Capistrano, California. The tag on it says "Patrial Shade to Full Sun"... Having never grown them before, I am a little bit confused, so I am hoping there are those of you out there who are Limelight Hydrangea Growing experts who will be able to help me.

My plan is to plant these 4 Limelights in an ALL day OPEN shade area in my backyard, and I'm fairly confident they will do well in the open shade. BUT there's another area at the front of my house that gets ALL DAY SUN where I would also like to possibly plant Limelights.

I live in semi-coastal southern California. I have a large picture window at the front of the house, where I would love to grow Limelights in front of, to provide a pretty view from inside the house and also give a bit more privacy from the outside. The front of my house faces South and the area gets ALL DAY SUN. Do you think the Limelights will do well in this area? Or will it get leaf burn and petal burn from the harsh afternoon sun like many of the other varieties of Hydrangeas???

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I get leaf burn here in Texas if they are exposed to too much sun; it would be interesting to hear from Californians in Z10b though.

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