tomato experment to make them stay green longer

markferon(7a)August 25, 2002

here is the experment which opposite the common one

which how get tomatoes them to rippen faster. this is experment for 2003 or fall for zone 9-10 spring au gardeners.

A. hypothesis

1. to see if a plastic sheet of at least 2 mil of clear colored plastic will effect the ripening of tomato fruits by making them stay green and grow bigger. None clear plastic shound not be used do to fact no effect is likely. the plastic sheet must be placed of the south side for northern hemisphere gardeners and north side for southern hemishere gardeners.

expermental requirements

1.tomato varieties to be used



Big Zac


Watermelon Beefsteak

2. location requirements

plant must get full sun during whole day min of 10 hours a day during growing season when sun shining.

3. soil: plant must be planted in hole that is 2 foot diameter and 2 feet deep. before soil compost added.

plant must planted at depth of 4-6 inches before filled in

with dirt or compost.

4. caging: not required but suggested.

5. plastic sheet must be a least 4 foot square and mounted at least 2 feet from plant main stem with to poles at least as tall 4 feet straight up and down.

6. legal colors: any clear colored plastic (red, blue yellow, green)

7. reporting requirements:

a. pinching of suckers and excess buds only

(if done please report not required)

b. preplanting soil test if you had one done

(if done please report not required)

c. fertilizing schedule and type aka(miricle grow or manure tea or other )(if done please report if done)

d. watering schedule how long, how much , time day, natural

e.folage spray( if used)

f. final size weight tomatoes(required).

g. tomato type or types used.

h length time flower to red ripe.

i. insect infestions and pesticide application(please report

j planting zone and city (please report)

All interested parties please email before starting at

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