when and how to plant lupine seeds

nicolero21August 16, 2007

I hope I'm in the right spot but I've been trying to find some information on when a good time is to plant Lupine seeds and how exactly do you do it? I had bought a couple plants from the local nursery and the did great and now I have the seeds. I took them out of the pod (which I hope is right) and I'm storing them in a air tight plastic container. I just don't know how or where to start with the seeds considering fall is just around the corner. So if there's anyone out there that knows let me know! Thanks!

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Hi! I collected some of these up in Phelps on vacation. They were growing wild in a field, so I figured I would just throw some of them in the garden now. I sowed about 1/2 of them and keeping the rest until next year in case they dont grow.

:) Thats all I know.

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southshoregardener(z7 NY)

Several years ago I winter sowed them. They did just great. They come back every year and I just let them drop their seeds. You can get instructions about winter sowing on the forum of the same name.

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Here's the way I do it,though I'm sure there's more than 1 way.Anyway here goes.
I collect seeds from pods after they start drying up,then around the first week of july soak seedsin water for 2 days,I usually save some starting trays from annuals I buy-fill with a seed starting mix-no need to be fussy.bury seed 1/4 in deep 3-4 seeds per cell and place in a area that keeps direct sun from drying out your growing medium.I place them under a tree that allows AM & PM sun with shade during the hotest time of the day.Keep moist and you should have sprouts in 2-3 weeks,although some seed will take longer to break.
Also useing fairly deep cells is best because lupine have a taproot.

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carmellia(z 4 Minn)

I had tried for years to establish lupine, with no success. Three years ago, I moved into a house that shares a side fence with a woman who has a lovely patch of lupines.

Low and behold - I now have a little patch of lupines at the corner of my garage. I believe that a bird ate some lupine seeds and sat on my garage roof, at the corner, to take a poop. I suppose the poo kept it from washing or blowing away.

I haven't done anything to plant more seeds. Nature did such a good job already that I think I will leave it up to her what to do now. Carmellia

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ensatagirl(6a Floyd VA)

I am starting a good many kinds of lupin this spring inside.
I soak them in warm water at least two days. I am sowing
Band of Nobles, Gallery Pink, Gallery mix, Russell Governor
Blue, Tutti Fruitti, Sundown, (I have LuLu on hand.) I may sell some at the farmer's market in town. I may do the same thing with the tons of delphinium I have started. I took the suggestion somewhere on the web of freezing the seed just ONE night and sowing the next day. It works nicely. I plan to have a huge variety of foxgloves most of which I have already started under lights as well. As a kicker, I hope to have many, many old fashioned Canterbury bells to sell. I like to go for the tall and spectacular. Ordinarily, I give a lot of them away, but I would like to recoup all the money I have spent on, seeds, deep cell flats and starting mix. I just go nuts in March to November. LOL. Oh yes, I am going to plant lots of varieties of single and double hollyhocks, another tall beauty, several varieties of verbascum Olympia and other tall or spectacular. If only my dreams of my garden could come true!!

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My neighbour just throws them at the back of my property where the grass grows long and we don't care for that part of the property. I guess the grass protects the seeds. Then, by next spring they will pop up! I dig them up and put them in my garden. Nature is awesome! I have pink, purple and white lupins!!! thanks to my neighbour who didn't know what she was doing and threw the seeds over onto my side of the property :)

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As a complete novice to gardening ive decided to give it a go.Ive grown some lupin seeds which have now grown indoors in a proporgator. I have today potted them into 3inch pots. I have produced about 10 one inch high plants, My question is what do I do now? Should I plant out for the winter(its now October in the uk) or should I continue to bring them on until they are bigger?
I dont have a greenhouse but I do have a summer house I could use.
Would appreciate some guidance, thankyou, Kaz809 uk

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I have wild seed I picked From ditches. They seeded fine the next year I never even soaked them but I am sure that would help they took about two weeks to germinate I barely covered them and directly sowed them on the northern site. I like them as they r so easy to tell when they pop up. They have long tap roots so transplanting them can be difficult. Good luck!

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