what are you planting out or doing in the garden this weekend?

southern_bell_la(z8 LA)March 18, 2005

i'm always curious about what folks are planting out or any kind of maintenance that should be done at this time of year. i'm fairly new to gardening and like to learn all i can from you gracious people. my self i will be planting 3 kousa dogwoods that i ordered bareroot. they are in pots now but i need to get them in the ground soon. also some allyssum that i grew from seed. i live close to shreveport and would love to have a gardening friend in my neck of the woods to chat with. i love to talk about gardening and consider myself to be somewhat addicted to this fantastic adventure. any suggestions on must have plants for our region would be greatly appreciated

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angiebug(z8a LA)

I too am fairly new to gardening, and my husband would probably say that I'm addicted. He tells me I spend more time with my seedlings than with him.

I've tried my hand at starting seeds this year. Right now, I've got zinnias, phlox, watermelon, and moon flower seedlings that I'm faithfully monitoring each day in my portable greenhouse.

This week I planted 4 Ruby Slipper argyranthemums (not sure if spelling is correct) in the garden, and potted up a Magilla Perilla in a container under the patio. Also spent this morning killing weeds and putting out pre-emerge so I won't have to work so hard weeding this summer.

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Hey southern bell,
I'm working this weekend so I won't have any
time to work outside. I did just come in from
a quick tour of the garden beds and things are
looking very nice. I worked in the garden last
weekend. I put out some more veggies. Here's
what's planted so far: 4 red cherry tomatoes,
4 yellow cherry's, 8 bell peppers, 4 banana,
4 pimento, 2 ancho, 4 eggplant, green beans,
cucumber, celery, and herbs. I have a very small
vegetable garden but I usually do quite well.
I have a few flower beds as well and mix in some
flowers along the vegetables. My grandkids like
to help out. They like to plant seeds, weed, and
hunt for lizzards and butterflies. Last year they
both got to see some hummers in the yard. This
year I planted some more flowers that should
attract butterflies and hummers. Every year the
monarchs eat every leaf of butterfly weed I plant.
Each year I plant more and each year they eat more.
It's so easy to grow I really don't mind. I have
a few more spots I can fit a little more. How big
is your place? I have a small city garden. I'm also
way down south near New Orleans. Our weather is a
little milder than where your at. The azalea's are
in full bloom right now. I need to take a picture
while they are at their peak. I wish I had the kind
that rebloom but mine have been in the ground for
about 23 years. A couple of weeks of glory and then
nothing until next year. They are evergreen though
and add to the garden even when not in bloom. I also
have a couple of standards in containers on the front
porch. They bloom a little later than the ones in the
ground. I noticed you mentioned you planted alyssum.
I planted some last year. It was my second time planting
it. It turned out to be so easy and bloomed all season.
I cut it back in August when it got so hot and it
rebloomed. I have some in the front yard that even
bloomed through the winter. Well I better sign off for
now. It was great chattin with you. Take care and have
fun in the garden tomorrow.

Harvey, LA

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I'll be out every time I can steal a few minutes whackin' weeds and mulching, and preparing for a big plant order that should be here Tuesday or Wednesday. Need to prepare more places to plant things, but it's mostly just a matter of getting out those kerphluckity weeds. I will get new areas to plant this year, I guess, if I can get them cleaned up. I'm really happy with how well hay is doing at keeping down the weeds where I've used it--wasn't sure it would look very good, but after a little while it just looks like soil, especially if I turn it over. And of course the plants love it. I'm trying quite a few new things this year and I'm really not sure how they're going to do, but that's half the fun. Gotta get some new salvias too, and for once I think I'll get the Salvia madrensis staked. I always think they're so sturdy they won't need it, and then we get a windstorm just as they're starting to send out their lovely long yellow spikes in the fall. Almost wish they didn't do quite so well, especially when they're all blown over and snaking along the ground! I'm sure I'll spend more than I should at the Festival des Fleurs.

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I have noticed beautiful ground cover blooming called Homestead Purple Verbena, which was named a Louisiana Select Plant. It is a perennial, with persistent flowering, blooming in March thru late fall, spreads rapidly, needs full sun, good drainage and is a tough reliable plant. (I have a picture -wish I knew how to attach it!)

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southern_bell_la(z8 LA)

thanks nanaboo i bought some of the homestead verbena last summer on ebay from a man in kentucky and it is in full bloom right now. it's just gorgeous, the purple is so intense it looks almost flourescent. i'm really pleased with the way it has really taken off.

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I will be planting Angle Trumpet, in front of this
elephant ears, Lupines, Black eyed susans, red corposis,
These are already growing in pots, just have to transplant
all of them in to the garden.
The Hardy Hibicus, Red Hot Poker's and the butterfly bush
was set out in Feburary.
The job I am dreading the most is hanging the fishing
line so that the morning glory will have a place to climb.
Everything is ready to set out, I just hope the weather
holds out.

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