Flat ground vegetable gardening

pfairley(msusa)March 12, 2012

My garden (in South Mississippi) will be rowed east/west, covered with commercial black paper for weed control and a soaker hose under the paper for water. MY QUESTION is do I have to mound the dirt in my rows? Why cant I plant on the flat of the ground? Is there a specific reason why I have to mound the ground before planting? Growing tomato, cucumber, pepper (bell and hot), eggplant, squash, okra. Please explain your answers in detail. 25'x 65' size

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Main reasons to go with a raised bed would be drainage, ease of roots to grow (loose soil is easier to penetrate than compacted soil), and the soil heats up faster in spring. You will also have a more concentrated use of your fertilizer and any additives.
I don't paper mulch. I find I like a community type of veggie growing in beds. A mass of planting shades the soil and keeps the weeds pretty well in check. For example I have tomato with carrots under planted, melon running off the edge and running beans trellised on the north end of the bed. In another bed I just planted peppers, squash, okra, carrots, with the beans same beans along the north end. I have 8 acres to grow on and a tractor and disc and I still go this route. Saves on labor, money, time and I honestly believe the plants grow better. Less insect problems too. Again I believe with a mixed planting the insects get confused. Oh and I'm in south Ms. too about 60 north of New Orleans. I have sandy soil.

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