Olive oil vs. vine borer

witchsbrew(7 NC)August 14, 2011

Has anyone tried greasing pumpkin/zucchini (etc) vines with olive oil to foil the dreaded vine borer. I swear I have tried everything else ever suggested and the blasted moths/borers get me every year. Just curious.


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I am looking for a solution as well???

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I heard there is no solution. Slicing up the stalk to kill the borers, injecting Bt, spraying pyrethrin may work for very organized and persistent people. I once succeeded burying the vines so they sprouted new roots above the affected spot and the plant continued growing and had pumpkins. I quit growing Cucurbita pepo. They say moschatas, like butternut winter squash and tromboncino summer squash, are resistant. I am planning to stick to them. I also use tender immature Lagenaria (birdhouse gourd) and luffa fruit just the same as summer squash. They are much less affected by borers.

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chervil2(z5 MA)

I had some success in avoiding borer problems by planting in new areas every year. I have run out these new soil spots and buy my borer sensitive squash at my local farmers market.

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