Experiment in corn

polly(z5b MO)August 17, 2001

How timely to see this new forum....I planted yellow corn interspersed with 'mini'baby corn just to see what would turn out and hoop-de-doo what a surprise.... the yellow corn did not mature except for one or two kernels on normal sized cobs... and the 'baby' corn developed into half-size cobs with full size kernels ...verrry interesting...so ...I'm saving kernels from each to see what happens next year??!! Any comments?

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I'm thinking they may have cross pollinated.

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Hi Polly, if both varieties tassled at the same time then you may indeed have something weird next season with the saved corn seed. Did you save separate seed from both types of ears? vgkg

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Polly here....yes, the two varieties most likely did cross-pollinate and I am saving the seeds from both types just to see what develops next year...
and now I have a question for the "peach pros"... will a seed produce the same fruit as the parent tree? I have a three year old volunteer that produced the sweetest, white peaches I have ever tasted and have no idea of its' origination.... however, you can bet I'll plant these seeds in hopes of getting the same results... in another three years!!

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Re: the peach question. The answer is, generally, no. That's not to say it's impossible to get something good. It might be very close to the parent, it might be very good, or it could be terrible.
If you want the same, you can graft or bud, or you can grow them from cuttings.
I took some pencil size cuttings in early spring, before they leafed out, (St. Patrick's Day here in NY, maybe a little earlier for you.)treated them with hormone, and stuck them in a bed, outside, with bottom heat. The idea is to keep the bottoms warm, and the tops cold, so they get some roots before they leaf out.
I was potting them up in June and, for some reason, two were forgotten in the bed. I noticed these in September, and they were 3 feet high, and one was branched. The root balls were too big to fit in a one gallon container. The one that was branched, flowered and set fruit the next year.

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I wwould like some of the mini corn seed. How many ears did you get per stalk?

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blufloyd(5 cent. il.)

weather not genetics? my second planting up here was cob only. due to weather and the japonese beetles eating silks and tassles.

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I planted bonus mini corn. Am i supposede to wait til the silk turns brown like regular corn. The stalks are 6 feet high and i picked an ear to see what it was like. It was four inche long The literature said to pick a 32 to 35 days. It has been longer than that since i planted it. . I thought they were supposed to be 2 to 2 and a half inches.

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