no blooming after transplant

ladybug_0820September 5, 2009

Last fall (1 year ago), I transplanted 3 hydrangeas to a spot where they'll get a little more sun. they had been under a large tree for a couple years getting almost no sun; they would get a few blooms, but were fairly stunted in growth. Well, they leafed/greened out beautifully, bigger than they've been in the couple years I've had them under that tree. I'll say they're like 2-3 ft. in diameter.

I kept waiting for blooms....and waiting...and they never came. :-( I fertilized with cottonseed meal in early summer.



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Wait and see how they do next year. It sounds like they are recovering well from the transplant. Lack of flowers may be related to recovering from the transplant.

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Macrophyllas that bloom on old wood would have been in the process of developing flower buds some time between July and September (depending on your location). Transplant shock and any moisture problems at the time could have resulted in aborted flower buds. Hopefully, that will not be the case this year. Keep them well mulched and keep the soil constantly moist as best as you can. If the winter is dry and your ground does not freeze, water them once every two/three weeks or so. Do not fertilize again.

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jazzmom516(Zone 7 LI, NY)

Keep in mind that if your area gets a very cold winter, the buds that did form may freeze and you will get decreased blooms in the spring. Also take note of any lawn fertilizer that is put near these plants. The high nitrogen of some fertilizers could increase the foliage instead of blooms and buds on the hydrangea if they flank your lawn areas.

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