ideal vines for growing on Southern side

micke(6)March 6, 2008

I have a friend that has a growing question for you all.

...I'll have full sun...very hot Southern Louisiana sun, and I want (perhaps) a flowering or somehow entertaining vine or plant that will grow up a hot metal railing at a 30 degree slope.

I'm thinking about simply flanking my staircase with a couple of hibiscus

I may do the netting for potted mandevilla on my porch, then the hibiscus in the ground on each side of the stairs.

My apartment will be have full Southern exposure

Okay guys can you help my friend out here? I was worried Hibiscus would burn.......

and I know nothing about how hot Lousiana can get soo.....

I came to ask you guys:)

appreciate anything you can tell me:)


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Forgot this is in Zone 8b......

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I used to live in 9b extreme southeastern LA. You could grow mandevilla, bouganvilla (not sure of spelling), black eyed susan vine, passiflora, even a climbing rose. There are others like trumpet vine, and honeysuckle. I am not sure how all of these attach, you would have to do a little googling on each of them or google southern flowering vines. You should have a lot of choices.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

One of my favorite flowering vines is Mexican Flame. It dies back to the ground in a hard freeze, but is quick to put out new growth in the spring. Blooms all summer into the fall.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mexican Flame vine

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Thank you guys:) much appreciate your help:)

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Hi from Belle Chasse. Just passing thru and can't help putting a few words in....for one of our favorite Vines - Coral Vine - Antigonon Leptopus. It's welcome to get invasive at will.
Attracts hummingbirds (should be here soon) and butterflies.


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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)

I grow lots of different vines: Clematis, numerous Passifloras, Gloriosa lily, mandevilla, etc. but my most absolute favorite vine in the Rangoon Creeper.


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I planted Confederate jasmine to go around my aluminum "wrought iron-look" fence in our backyard, just about a month ago, and already I'm seeing a few new blooms. So far they are doing fine on their own, interwining between each post. I love that they are somewhat perennial and maintenance free, and the fragrance is so nice!

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