Blue Heaven Newbie in NE OHIO needs help

kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)September 1, 2009

I planted a 'Blue Heaven' hydrangea early this summer. How do I overwinter it? Cover with oak leaves? Or cover with soil mound? Sorry, I am so new at this! This is my first hydrangea. I actually bought it in New Jersey when I was visiting my daughter. I saw many hydrangea's there, and fell in love with the beautiful blue colors. It is sited in part shade near a hedgeline in my front yard. Do I need to prune down at all before covering? The area gets sun from about 1 pm till 5 or 6 pm now. In the summer it gets a little more till about 7 pm or so. It is shaded by a miscanthus 'gracillimus' about 3 feet away on one side, and I have 3 daylilies planted about a foot and a half away in front of it. The hedges are behind. Or is that too much shade?

Here's a pic of the location. This was taken before planting. The hydrangea is now planted where the black circle is:

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I am in NE Ohio also. I have 5 Blue Heavens. I do not do anything but a couple inches of mulch. It is a reblooming hydrangea and blooms on old or new wood. Also if you prune spents heads early enough in the year they will get new ones. Hydrangeas should only get morning sun, evening shade or filtered sun. Although I push the envelope also on a couple of mine, but not later than 4-4:30.

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