Want to try bananas this year.

bo_doc(7)March 17, 2010

My wife and I are wanting to set out a couple of banana trees this year. My questions are: Which edible varieties would be best suited for our region? When should they be planted in terms of month or temperature? We have some grass clippings we stockpile, can we use these to cover the roots in the winter, or will we need to dig them up each fall? We are in north MS on the line of zone 7 and 8.

Thanks for any input.


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I'm not sure there are any varieties that might produce edible types. Banana trees grow great and a couple years I got flowers and got to see how bananas developed but they never got more than an inch or so.

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Joeray(Z9 LA)

There's a Indian variety of banana which will produce bananas here (I'm in Baton Rouge), Raja Puri banana. I had to order mine from a Florida nursery. Our 17-18 degree freeze this winter laid them low, but a few pups are coming back. Do a Goggle search on Raja Puri banana.

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Hi Joeray.. Which Florida nursery did you use? I am (Indian by birth) in the New Orleans area and interested in growing some bananas.

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Joeray(Z9 LA)

I found the Florida firm on Ebay I believe, here's the name on the receipt: bhillyard1@comcast.net. I've seen them advertised at Clegg's nursery here in Baton Rouge recently. You can also check on E-bay; I'm sure that you will find several people selling them.

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If there is a place that can tell you of a banana that will grow where you are it is this place:

Here is a link that might be useful: Going Bananas in Homestead, FL

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