I bet Mrsk. is feeling the beat

mylab123(z5NW)February 21, 2012

Of drums, that is.

I remember New Orleans Mardi Gras, you could feel the beating of the drums before you heard a thing - it was almost a primitive feeling, the feeling of the beat of all those drums.

I hope you and Natal and everyone who is going to Mardi Gras tonight has a fab and safe time!

Maybe everyone have a big piece of King cake, hope you get the baby, and think of poor little me who doesn't get 'nuttin ;)

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Throw me something Mr!!!

LOL, actually no parades for me. I think I've gotten too many Mardi Gras under my belt. Too many King cakes too, but I'll have some more before they are gone from the shelves. I especially like the filled ones.

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There was a very small but very favored bakery the next few towns over which was famous for it's filled (each section of the cake a different filling) king cakes and I drove over one year and had a size large sent overnight mail to my inlaws, they encluded a nice little history of the cake and the purpose of the baby.

As it happened, it arrived on the day that my MIL was meeting a bunch of personal friends for her retirement lunch (personal friends, they already threw her a big one at the store) and she was thrilled, she brought the king cake along and all had a wonderful time learning about it, the baby and eating it too :) - That was just luck that it came the day of her retirement lunch, I did't even know for sure what day it was.

And that is my big King Cake story *LOL*

Curiously, I was never a fan of King Cakes - they just didn't ring my "sweet" bell. I only went to a New Orleans french quarter mardi gras once, I really did prefer my (at the time) small town's parades and even didn't go to them all that often. Never have been a big fan of crowds and some friend's parents were always inviting my son to go with them so I took them up on it.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Mylab, that was perfect timing!

I've had my fill of parades through the years. If I feel the urge we have a night one that rolls the Friday before Mardi Gras. I didn't bother walking to the corner to catch it. Haven't even had the urge for king cake this year. That's a good thing! ;)

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I think the parades are for the young. All of my boys played in the band, and usually marched in several parades every year. But they enjoyed it, thank goodness none of them played the tuba!!

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Last year DH and I were in New Orleans for several days before Mardi Gras. We stayed at a lovely old hotel/guest house on St. Charles Avenue one night. The hotel had a wonderful king cake and I asked them where they bought it. I was told that it was baked by one of their cooks. Darn. We attended the Muses parade (a krewe that is all women which uses shoes as it's symbol). That same parade was part of a "Treme" episode a couple of months later. We love Treme.

Anyway, a few days ago, I went on NOLA.com and read stories about some of the parades, looked at photos of parades and costumes (some very inventive minds down there) and read about the best places to get a roast beef poboy. I got such a longing to be there again this year.

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Mother's--Downtown NOLA.

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Shrimp po-boy, ya gotta try the shrimp po-boy!

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I had my pancakes today!

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