Cascading/Trailing Plant ideas

daveandlaura(8b-S. Louisiana)March 15, 2005

Tried this basic question on another forum and will try to make it a bit more focused here and see if y'all have any ideas to throw at me.

I'm looking for a cascading/trailing plant that will work in a New Orleans courtyard setting. The courtyard has brick planters and I'd like something that will grow down out of them in a few places. Ideally I'd like some interesting leaves (variegated or something besides "plain" green). Colorful flowers are an option also, but too many flowers and the bees get too happy!

Django responded to my other post and suggested trailing lantana. Right now there is some asparagus fern, but I'm going to pull it out because it just gets to looking too messy, in my opinion.

Thanks for any ideas!


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mbmberg(8B LA)

What about variegated english ivy. I used that in a Clay urn and it is really striking.

Another option would be sweet potato vine. If you want something with flowers ~ million bells are really pretty.

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Hey Dave and Laura,
I'm on the westbank, and just planted some trailing
vinca. Vinca "illuminatin". The leaves are small yellow,
edged in dark green. My first time planting it. I purchased
it at Rose Garden Center on the Westbank Expressway
in Marrero. I'm sure they probably have it somewhere on
the eastbank as well. Good luck.


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angiebug(z8a LA)

Assuming that you have shade in the courtyard and not sun, I'd suggest dead nettle. It spreads very rapidly, as I found out when I planted it in a container last year. Within just a couple of months, it was trailing over the edge of the barrel and down to the ground. My variety had small pretty purple blooms on it. The leaves were pale green with some white around the edges...a very soft look.

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hoppes_girl(z8 LA.)

Oh,I live in Paulina and it is worth the trip to the Rose garden Center in Harvey I make my trip there every year.There are always new plants to be seen and old reliables too.Its still to cold for my anual trip but I'll be making it soon.Heres an idea try planting some oregano for a trailer and you can use it for cooking also,It trails nicely in my barrel planter.

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southern_bell_la(z8 LA)

i suggest trailing homestead verbena. i bought a small clump last summer and it mulitplied quickly and is in bloom right now and to hear tell it should bloom all summer. it has a nice cascading affect and the foliage is also tinged with purple around the edges

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daveandlaura(8b-S. Louisiana)

Thanks everybody!

In one spot I think I may go with the Marguerite sweet potato vine cascading down over a Persian Shield growing up.

There are three or four other areas that I have to decide on, too. Decision decisions . . .


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