Cold season extending ideas

aliceinvirginiaSeptember 21, 2008

My eggplant didn't do much all summer and now it is blooming. However, eggplants don't do well in cold. So it is now the time to *harvest* eggplant here. It is in a container on my balcony, so there is a little hope.

I really like eggplant, so I am trying to find ways to let it grow outside as long as possible.

I was at Target the other day, and they were selling reflective auto shades with bubble wrap in them at half price. Now I am thinking of making it into something like a reflector during the day, and wrapping it around for protection at night. And I will have to do this without my apartment landlord objexting that it looks ugly.

My thought would be to anchor the bottom with a round plastic laundry basket around the pot, and for the top use a hula hoop. For the sides that unfold use various poles I have in order to slant the reflector up towards the plant

in the day and wrap around at night.

I've also got a few of the mesh unfolding laundry baskets that have seen better days. If I take out the mesh in the middle, I could stick plastic over those to cover plants.

From my camping days, I've got some reusable hand warmers. I could stick one out there at night, and then recharge it the next day.

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tom_n_6bzone(Western Maryland 6b)

sounds interesting. I use those silver reflecting auto shades to put in my sunshed to reflect more light to my plants.

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