Morning glories in Windowbox (pics)

njcher(Zone 6)September 21, 2003

I wondered what the effect would be of morning glories in a windowbox. Would they grow up? Would they fall gracefully over the edges of the box? Would they yield many blooms or just a few?

The answer is that they make a very nice windowbox planting and would be a particularly good choice for someone who has a view out a window of which they are not fond. The MGs will cover the bottom half of a window and will even crawl off to the sides of the window, which makes for a pretty effect.

The number of blooms are a fair amount. I put in a couple tropical plants for variety.

I put a few strings across the window horizontally to let the vines fall over. This lends a graceful, flowing effect.

They do need a lot of water and don't seem to like the hot sun. They will wilt in direct sun so I put a plant cover over them during those few hours of the day. I always make sure there is plenty of water. If I were doing this over again, I'd add those water retention crystals (name of them slips my mind at the moment).

In all, I was very pleased with my morning glories in a window box.


Here is a link that might be useful: Three pictures of morning glories in window box

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vmperkins(z5 central IL)

Very nice experiment results. I never even considered doing boxed MGs, but now I will try it next year. Thanks for the pics!

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Thanks for the pictures! I'm trying something similar.

Yes, I realize I'm nearly 5 years late. The acoustics in here ...

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This year I planted my morning glories in front of the wood pile next to my porch in a tiny strip of a garden bed with the hopes that they would grow up the pile. THis didn't work out so well, and the plants ended up growing basically horizontally, choking out alot of bedding plants. Next year I will plant them in window boxes set on top of the pile instead so that they will cascade down the wood pile. After having seen your pics, I know that this is a good idea, and am certain of successful results! Great job!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Morning Glories remind me of my childhood. I would love to grow some. Thanks for your info that they don't like hot sun. I live in one of the hottest places on the earth! This will be a challenge! I wonder if they will climb up a palm tree? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm A packet of seeds is pretty cheap. Worth a try!!

I'll try in my courtyard (right next to my sunflower experiment) away from the probing eyes of the dreaded Home Owner's Association (HOA).

I like the blue ones. And nice to know they like a lot of water. The HOA waters frequently, and I have areas that never dry out.

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Has anyone ever tried making a small playhouse with MGs? I saw it once in a Martha Steward magazine & tried it. It's a good idea for small children to play in. You do a basic house frame & plant MGs around the perimeter & they will grow & cover where the walls would be. I used big twigs for the corners & strung heavy twine for the mgs to grow up on.

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