Fruit From Australia! Started From Seed!

drasaid(zone 8)March 22, 2005

I found out through trial and error (alas, why are the two always connected with me?) that Cedar Bay Cherry is a good fast growing Eugenia that has tasty fruit. This is for those of us who want a cherry substitute for our hot humid climate. I have also found out that Lillypilly will FRUIT IN SHADE and grow there happily (I have the standard Shaded By An Oak Tree New Orleans yard.) I got the seed from these guys; they won't have any more Cedar Bay Cherry seed until the fall.

The Eugenia reinwardtiana has some shaply thickish leaves and is a pretty little plant; so is the Lillypilly.

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Lets know how those seed do for ya. I have the Surinam cherry from out of Fl. If you want one I think I had several plants survive the winter. Write and we'll get together sometime ;o)

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