watsoncreekmari(z8LA)March 15, 2005


I live near Monroe, and I was wondering if anyone down south has seen any hummingbirds yet? We usually see our first one in mid-March.

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Not yet but I'm keeping my eyes open. There's alot in
bloom already so we should see something soon.
Keep looking.

Harvey, LA

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hoppes_girl(z8 LA.)

I have already filled my feeder but I haven't seen one yet.By the way deep south what are those puple looking ground orchid type looking flowers in the side view photos on your web shots and if you don't mind I'd like too know what kind of camera do you use to take your photos? you can e-mail me at

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Saw my first a couple days ago, hanging out near where the feeder should be and glaring at me. I wasn't really worried it would starve to death--the abutilons are in bloom and the variagated shrimp plants are really loaded and they seem to love both. Salvias too soon I think. I try to have enough plants they like that they don't have to depend on me. The feeders are mostly to bring them within easy viewing!

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sherri_louisiana(z9 LA)

I saw my first hummingbird of the season yesterday and I'm in the Ponchatoula area. Sherri

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daveandlaura(8b-S. Louisiana)

Saw our first yesterday! And it boy was it bold/trusting!

It hit every bloom on a red shrimp plant not five feet from Laura. She didn't want to get up to come get me for fear of scaring it. So, I missed seeing it and only got to hear the story. :(


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Here's the map!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummer Map

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Saw two the otherday where feeders hang.So clean and hang feeders now I have BO-CO hummers to many to count.Spring is here good luck Jim

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I saw one today. I was taking a nap on the swing and opened my eyes and there was one checking out the blooms of the shrimp plant. It is loaded with flowers. Then he landed on a branch of a crepe myrtle tree. I had never seen one land before. I blinked and then he was gone.

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I accidentally walked up upon one yesterday at my EMPTY feeder. I guess I should fill them. I really don't see too many in the spring, mostly in the fall.

N. of New Orleans.

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Django(z9 LA)

Saw a ruby throated on a rose today (veilchenblau), of all flowers. We have a pair that stays year round, but this was a migrator.

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All year long??? How wonderful! I've had two fighting over the feeders for a couple of weeks. I assume two males but maybe not. They light frequently so we can see that beautiful green and red. I've seen pictures from VanCleave MS with hummers lined up on the feeders and the man had one on his finger. I remember reading about the time he spent preparing sugar water and cleaning and refilling feeders. Hungry little suckers (teehee) aren't they?

My neighbor has had to rescue hummers a couple of times after they ran their bills into her screened porch and stuck! We've seen their mating ritual (again assuming). My grandchildren say "They're ballerina-ering" new word invented by smallest child. We love having them.

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I think I saw one, maybe it was a big moth? I have a small Autumn Sage, they seems to like it. I want to put some feeder in the porch, where should I get them? how many can I have? will fire ant come having feed? I am allergic to ant bite (only fire ants in my yard, been bitten quite a few times before, never had trouble, until I move tho this house, and it almost killed me.)

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mbmberg(8B LA)

I am just south of Lafayette and I saw one last week, believe it or not, feeding off of my lemon tree. I haven't put out any feeders yet ~ I guess I should get moving.

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I have a wonderful website with pictures of "Birth of a Hummingbird"

See below

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Sorry, the website of "Birth of a Hummingbird" is

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jap373(z8b BR,LA)

nanaboo, those pictures are just WONDERFUL! I've shown them to all my friends and family. I am in BR, LA as well...but no hummers in my yard yet! I'm working hard at it...have a couple of feeders up that I'm trying to keep fresh. Have planted all the hummingbird plants that Naylor's has to offer :-) Got my fingers crossed! I went to the Hilltop garden tour today and one of the gardens was a hummingbird garden. She was telling me that we'll get the ruby-throat here in the summer and then 4 other varieties will over-winter in this area. Hope they come to see me!

Again, love the pics!


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nanaboo, someone from the Cooking forum shared your photos with me a few weeks ago. So cool! Was the nest in your yard?

Jane, I'm in BR too and we have hummers year round. Last winter we hosted a number of Rufous, a Black-chinned, and a couple Buff-bellieds. Do you keep feeders up all year?

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The hummingbird pictures were made at a nature preserve on Central Coast of CA. Someone forwarded the website to me, and I have enjoyed sharing with my family and friends. My grandchildren love to look at the pictures!

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