Harmony Oak Leaf

stillwelljill(7)September 13, 2008

Georgia Rose,

I saw in the post of the Vaughn's Lillie thread that you mentioned your Harmony. How many years have you had it, and are you well pleased? Has it bloomed well? I love the looks of Harmony and am thinking about getting one next spring. Thanks for info.....any photos PLEASE?

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My oldest one is about 5 years old, 6 ft. tall and loaded with blooms each year. It is located on a slight, west facing slope and receives direct sunlight from about 1PM until dusk. I planted it in unammended red clay soil and after the first year, it requires very infrequent watering, even though we have experienced severe to exceptional (the worst category) drought for the past 2 years.
Had one that was growing in a large pot and was not doing well, so I planted it in a similar location to the above one and then the drought began. It is struggling to attain growth and doesn't bloom well yet.
A 3rd one is still potted. It is one of three I purchased early last year, were shipped bareroot and were totally desiccated upon arrival. Two of those did not produce any growth. Wouldn't have ordered, had I known they shipped bareroot. When I tried to contact them for replacements, found they were out of business. Was not surprised.
When you purchase Hydrangeas, make sure they are in a pot or original growing medium and well packed!

Sorry that I don't have any photos to share. One of these days, I suppose I will have to join the crowd and purchase a digital camera and retire my old film ones.

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