New to Mendenhall, MS area

Sandi_W(7b/8)March 6, 2012

I will be gardening for the first time in the Mendenhall area and need a good, reasonably priced nursery. A good daylily farm? Also am looking for a source that delivers bulk mulch. And any advice from other gardeners in the area. Thanks, Sandi

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Rivers plant farm is a great nursery greenhouse that sells
all kinds of flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, and veg plants.
I dont know if it would be too far for you or not!
They are on hwy 18 at Pucket. That shouldnt be too bad a drive for you!

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gardenall, Thank you. Puckett isn't too far at all. I'll be checking them out for sure.

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Sandi, thought I should move over to this forum.

I have lots of zinna and marigold seeds if you would like some. The zinnas are mixed so you would get small and large flowers and a range of colors.

Right now I am in Florida and will get Mr. Nash's name and address for you when I return to MS. He is an elderly man and the daylilies began as a hobby. I don't think he advertises anywhere except the bulletin and the sign in his front yard. I'll also get the address for the bulletin so you can subscribe if you wish. It's reasonably priced and you can check out what's for sale....from farm equipment, cows, household furnishings to plants...I enjoy reading it.

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I would love some zinnia and marigold seeds. Thank you very much. And Mr Nash's addy. Have fun in FL.

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Mr. Nash is 123 miles from me. Darn!

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Hey. I'm back in MS and have looked at the MS Market Bulletin for daylilies. There are 4 vendors in MS for daylilies. I don't know if I can post their names/adresses on this website or not. Some might think I was advertising for them. I have never purchased anything from these vendors but if you will e-mail me at I will give you the info. Also I need your address to mail the seeds.

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