do my hydrangeas need winter protection in metro boston?

dkgarberSeptember 23, 2008

Hi all,

I am hoping some local gardeners can answer this one for me (I'll also post in the New England forum).

I have 3 Forever and Evers and one regular mophead, a Lemon Daddy that I have planted for the first time this year. I am complete hydrangea virgin but have done a bit of research on the cold hardiness of these, however, I want to hear real people's experiences.

From what I gather, the Lemon Daddy (blooms only on old wood) has a 50-50 shot of coming out of winter OK w/no winter damage, but the Forever and Evers probably "shouldn't" need any at all. Is this true?

Is there anyone in the Boston area growing hydrangeas with no winter protection??? I can put some leaves around them, but two of them are in prime real estate against the foundation of my house and I prefer not to.

I am in Franklin, MA off 495.

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Hello dkgarber! =)

I'm very new to Hydrangeas this year, too. I have some "Forever and Evers", and have been reading up on them a lot. From all that I have read, F&E Hydrangeas do well in the northern parts of the U.S., where other Hydrangeas don't do so well. You should have good luck with them, but I would recommend addign extra mulch, just as an extra step.

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